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22nd July 2014

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inspired by (x)

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12th July 2014

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10/? Favourite Supernatural Tumblr Posts

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8th July 2014

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Can I just;

Jared kicks at Jensen looking like he’s worried he’s going to break some delicate flower


hands up and all terrified looking

Then jensen counters with;


'fuck that this is how you fight'

I jsut can’t esp knowing how introverted Jensen is lrwknbskdlnb

Look at Jared’s little hands in the first gif. And then Jensen’s like “Bitch this ain’t Gilmore Girls, I’m Dean now, son.

That last comment, I’m dying.

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8th July 2014

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The fucking sass… I swear… 

Mark Sheppard is actually Crowley

That’s why it’s so easy for him to play the role. He IS him.

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28th June 2014

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…Wow, guys. Just… wow.

This should be how the show ends.

I’ve been laughing at this for 2000 years

I think that’s one of my favorite things ever

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17th June 2014

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Superwolf AU: 

"You have a darkness inside of you. I can see it around your heart, encompassing your soul. Your entire life has been surrounded by the death of your loved ones and whether you appreciate it or not, it puts you in the perfect position to become a reaper. You may not like death, but it has a penchant for you.”

Inspired by X

Oh my goshhhh I never knew this was what I wanted. I literally got chills as I realized what was happening in this gifset.

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15th June 2014

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all I want is for Dean to get kicked in the crotch and for Cas to insist on healing him and Dean is like “Cas stop I’m fine" but he can’t even walk and Cas doesn’t understand why he’s being such a baby so they start bickering and Cas just keeps trying to grab Dean’s dick "to heal him" and it’s literally the weirdest thing Sam has ever witnessed in his life

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14th June 2014

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I came, I saw, I conquered.

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11th June 2014

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i remember until i was ten, i spelt ‘satin’ like ‘satan’ and i went to a christian school and they called my parents because i wrote ‘satan is soft like a bunny’ and they wanted the priest to talk to me

Satan is glad you appreciate the effort.

Satan uses Garnier Fructis to lock in moisture.



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6th June 2014

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#this freaks me out so bad because i have seen those expressions and mannerisms and i have seen them on mark pellegrino #THAT’S HOW GOOD HE IS OKAY #if you tell me that jared is a bad actor i will punch u because nO

Jared actually got to play Lucifer first, then Mark acted afterwards trying to mirror what Jared did. But each time either of them had to do a scene, they took something from the other’s actions and played it into their own scenes. 
I like to call it the Padalecki/Pellegrino Effect

So cool!!

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